Stovetop Fire-Prevention Devices Credit

Stovetop Fire-Prevention Devices Credit for Apartments

stovetop fire prevention


We’ve partnered with StoveTop FireStop to help protect your home and your family against dangerous cooking fires.


Don’t get burned by a kitchen fire. Cooking fires account for the majority of home and apartment fires. CIG offers a 5% total premium credit for apartment or condominium complexes that have every unit protected by a stove-top fire-prevention device. By installing a stovetop fire-prevention device, a non-toxic, fire-suppressing powder is automatically activated by the detection of heat/flame.



Fire Prevention systems can be expensive, and water is the last thing you want for a grease fire. StoveTop FireStop works specifically on active grease fires.

Its dry powder doesn’t cause flood damage like sprinklers, meaning you’ll pay less to restore your kitchen to its pre-fire status.



Protect your property, tenants and bottom line. Ask a CIG Insurance Agent about how to qualify for a StoveTop Fire-Prevention Devices credit and receive your StoveTop FireStop device at a discount today.