Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance

You’re one of a kind and so is your home.

Protecting your home, personal property, and personal liability is the first step to insuring your way of life. CIG Home is the home safety and security insurance plan designed to protect your lifestyle. We are here to protect you and your family and make sure you can rebuild your life after a loss – CIG Homeowners insurance can help you rebuild/repair your home, replace your valuables, or provide a defense if you are sued.

A CIG Agent can take the mystery out of buying homeowners insurance. We offer customized coverage that protects your investment in your home and personal property and provides for personal liability in case someone is injured in your home or your property is damaged. CIG also offers extended coverage to provide you with additional financial protection for other types of loss, damage, and liability.

For Home And Condo Owners

Do you know what your condo or homeowner association insurance covers? Not sure if there are gaps in your coverage? A CIG Agent can review your policy and customize it to fit your needs.

Dwelling Fires

For landlords, a CIG Dwelling Fire policy will help to protect your investment. Talk with a CIG Agent to see what a Dwelling Fire Insurance policy covers and how you can be protected.

Sports & Home Equipment

If you invest a lot of effort, time and money into your game, you know the value of your clubs and accessories. Items Covered include your clubs, golf carts, and more.

High-Value Items

You may be able to individually insure valuables for a small additional premium with no deductible. This includes jewelry, art & antiques, or even firearms.


Whether your boat is tied safely to the dock or you’re out cruising the lake with family and friends, you want to make sure your boat is protected.

Save Money

Get a homeowners insurance discount and make your policy more affordable. saving money on homeowners insuranceSaving is easy when you bundle your policies! Take advantage of big discounts when you combine your CIG Home or Renters insurance coverage into a CIG Home+Auto™ or CIG Rent+Auto™ policies.

You’ll also qualify for a convenient, consolidated billing account with an option for combining both policies into a single, easy-to-manage installment plan.

Additional Benefits

CIG ThinkTwice Coverage™ – 200% Extended replacement cost

Does your current homeowners insurance policy provide the right coverage if disaster strikes? It may not. CIG offers 200% extended replacement cost to help you with the funds to rebuild and replace items.

Stovetop Fire-Prevention Device Credit – Don’t get burned by a kitchen fire

Fire prevention systems can be expensive, and water is the last thing you want for a grease fire. StoveTop FireStop works specifically on active grease fires. Ask a CIG Agent about how to qualify for a StoveTop Fire-Prevention Devices credit and receive your StoveTop FireStop device at a discount today.

Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown Coverage – Insure your appliances in case of a loss

You’ll be protected from costly out-of-pocket expenses for labor, parts, and loss of use. Add the Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown coverage to your CIG Homeowners policy to gain peace of mind for a fraction of what you thought possible. Check out our virtual coverage page here.

Identity Theft Coverage

CIG Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement coverage protects you against ID theft. If you become the victim of ID fraud, we will assist you in restoring your identity and providing great reimbursement rates, including reasonable attorney fees, lost wages, long distance calls, and other covered expenses that result from ID theft.