Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Don’t wait until you have an accident to find out what your auto insurance covers.

Basic auto insurance covers your vehicle for damage or loss, but the right amount of coverage also provides protection from financial exposure due to injuries sustained in an accident — to yourself, your passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians — as well as damage to other people’s property. A CIG Agent can steer you in the right direction, toward coverage that fits your needs and budget, including auto insurance with full coverage.

For Auto Policyholders

CIG offers flexible coverage options for additional property, risk and liability protection not covered under your basic renter policy. For an additional premium, you can protect valuables like jewelry, fine art, or golf clubs. You can also buy extra coverage for a home office, a small boat or if you live in an earthquake-prone area.

Customized Protection

We offer customized coverage, features and savings for you that includes a wide-range of options, including good student discounts, come-to-you auto glass repair, name brand auto parts replacement, and more. Most insurers get auto insurance with full coverage to give themselves peace of mind.

Not sure what your current policy covers? Contact your local CIG Agent today and get the specifics on what we can cover you for and how to personalize your policy.

RV Coverage

When you’re on the road — traveling across the United States or camping in the next county — the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance. With CIG, you can relax.

We offer the right coverage for road trip enthusiasts like you, and we cover recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and trailers, as well as your personal property while away from home.

Save Money

Saving is easy when you bundle your policies! Take advantage of big discounts when you combine your CIG policies. saving moneyYou’ll also qualify for a convenient, consolidated billing account with an option for combining both policies into a single, easy-to-manage installment plan.

Take advantage of big discounts when you combine your CIG Home or Renters insurance coverage into a CIG Home+Auto™ or CIG Rent+Auto™ policy.

Roadside Assistance

For Commercial And Personal Auto Policyholders

Whether you are a Commercial or Personal Auto policyholder, you have the opportunity to add our Roadside Assistance as an additional service to your policy. Both are a great value for the services provided!