commercial business insurance coverage and protection for buildings, offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other small businesses

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CIG offers commercial insurance for a wide range of businesses, whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, flower shop, accounting firm, golf course, or manufactured home community. We have insurance specialists who understand the nuances of what makes your business tick and what you need to protect it.

Business Owner Policies

Leased Buildings

The success of your properties depends on how well you maintain and manage your leased buildings, as well as on having the right insurance coverage to minimize the impact on tenants and protect your investment. Protect your leased properties against loss, damage, liability, or business interruption with CIG.


Running a retail business has its own unique challenges. Protecting your business involves not just your place of business but all the people who come into your store. For retailers, liability coverage can be as critical as your property protection. To be prepared for the unexpected, you need a sound safety and security plan.


Running a commercial office is a big responsibility. In addition to satisfying your clients every day, you also have to worry about insuring your business for theft, disaster, lawsuits, breakage, and business interruptions. Any one of these events could shut you down for a day, week, month, or more. That’s why it’s important that your insurance partner have the expertise to recommend the best coverage options for your professional office.


Warehouse insurance coverage is based on your particular structure, the goods you store inside, and how those materials are handled. For example, if you are storing and handling inventory for others, you may need bailee’s coverage to protect against damage to those products.

Apartments & Condos

Tenants rely on you during a crisis. Your ability to quickly fix, recover, and sustain the viability of your residential property is essential. CIG’s BOP for apartment buildings is designed to cover property and liability exposures that are uniquely associated with multi-unit residential buildings.

Specialty Services
Commercial Umbrella

Golf Course

CIG knows that running a golf course is a lot more complicated than just keeping the fairways green. CIG Golf Insurance Solution™ offers golf club owners and managers a custom-designed risk and liability golf course program. Our expert CIG Agents can create a plan that protects your unique exposures. To inquire about CIG Golf Insurance Solution™, please contact CIG’s Golf Program Manager.


When you’re in the hospitality business, you go to great lengths to cater to your guests so they have a positive experience and want to return. As frenetic and unpredictable as your job may be under normal circumstances, when a sudden interruption occurs, it can throw everything into a tailspin. Keeping your doors open is critical to your survival.


When you own a restaurant or food service business, keeping the focus on your customers is very important. CIG Restaurant and Food Services Insurance will make sure you are covered in the event something unforeseen occurs so that you and your staff are prepared and protected. CIG insures your restaurant business against loss, damage, liability, or business interruption.

Protect Your Lifestyle

Excess Liability Insurance

Your Home and Auto policies provide an excellent basic foundation for your liability coverage. An umbrella goes the extra mile to provide the additional coverage you may need to protect you against the possibility of catastrophic or frivolously expensive legal liability.

Umbrellas defend you against financial loss arising from lawsuits due to:

  • Physical injury or wrongful death of another person due to an accident or negligence
  • Damage to property belonging to another person or company for which you are liable
  • Civil, economic, or personal injury such as wrongful eviction, libel, slander, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy

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