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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Why bet the farm? Talk to a CIG agent today.

Whether you work for an ag chemical distributor or a food processor, CIG farm and ranch insurance provides coverage options designed to meet your needs. Learn about the different types of commercial agribusinesses we cover today.

Coverage Highlights


Running a farm or dairy is a big responsibility, especially when you have lots of mouths to feed. Every day you are dealing with a million details: the business aspects as well as the care and feeding of your animals.

Coverage includes:

  • Livestock in Transit or Pastures
  • Enclosures, Ranch, and Other Property Structures
  • Dairies and Dairy Production Equipment
  • Transport Vehicles

Farm Auto

Farm vehicles are the lifeblood for most growers and ranchers. When a truck or tractor breaks down, work can come to a grinding halt. CIG offers solid coverage for your mobile investments, plus multi-vehicle discounts and optional deductibles.

Criteria includes:

  • Record of no at-fault claims in the most recent three-year period (for those eligible)
  • Commercial risk management program
  • Good records of farm equipment maintenance


If you’re like most hobby farmers, you’re passionate about country life and find great pleasure in rural pursuits. Whether raising a few cows or growing a few acres of organic produce for a little extra income, you need the coverage.

Coverage includes:

  • Farm liability protection
  • Farm buildings and structures
  • Farm equipment, such as tools and supplies
  • Animal collision coverage

Farm Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy goes the extra mile to provide the additional coverage you may need. This type of policy protects you against the possibility of catastrophic or frivolously expensive legal liability.

Umbrella policies defend you against financial loss arising from lawsuits due to:

  • Physical injury or wrongful death of another person due to an accident or negligence
  • Damage to property belonging to another person or company for which you are liable
  • Civil, economic, or personal injury such as wrongful eviction, libel, slander, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy

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