ID Theft Protection


Stop Identity Fraud Cold – with the Right Tools

ID Theft Protection at No Additional Charge!

Identity (ID) theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today. Imagine spending hours or days trying to clear your name of fraudulent credit charges or criminal charges. Even worse, imagine having to call your bank to find out why you have no money in your bank account.

CIG Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement coverage protects you against ID theft. If you become the victim of ID fraud, we will assist you in restoring your identity and provide up to $15,000 for certain expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, lost wages, long distance calls, and other covered expenses that result from ID theft. But what really sets us apart from the rest is the CIG Identity Fraud Resource Center, which provides unlimited fraud prevention and resolution services to you and your family.

With every CIG Renters policy, we provide ID Fraud Expense Reimbursement coverage at no additional premium charge and with a zero deductible. We’re there to help you resolve an identity theft case whether your identity is compromised at home, at work, on the Internet, or while you travel. You’ll also have round-the-clock access to CIG’s ID Fraud Resource Center and Resolution Helpline, where you can talk with ID Fraud resolution experts who are ready to help answer your questions and resolve your case.

Call the CIG ID Fraud Resource Center and Resolution Helpline at 1-877-404-3372.



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