Homeowners Insurance

You’re One of a Kind and So Is Your Home

That’s Why You Need an Insurance Protection Plan Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Protecting your home, personal property, and personal liability is the first step to insuring your way of life. CIG Home is the home safety and security insurance plan designed to protect your lifestyle.

We are here to protect you and your family and make sure you can rebuild your life after a loss – rebuild/repair your home, replace your valuables, or provide a defense if you are sued.

A CIG Insurance Agent can take the mystery out of buying homeowners insurance. We offer customized coverage that protects your investment in your home and personal property and provides for personal liability in case someone is injured in your home or your property is damaged at home or while away. CIG also offers extended coverage to provide you with additional financial protection for other types of loss, damage, and liability.

Connect with a CIG Insurance Agent and get the coverage that fits you.


CIG Homeowners Coverage Highlights
CIG ThinkTwice Coverage 200% of Replacement Cost
Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown Coverage
CIG Bonus Benefits


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