Homeowners Insurance

You’re One of a Kind and So Is Your Home

That’s Why You Need an Insurance Protection Plan
Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Protecting your home, personal property, and personal liability is the first step to insuring your way of life. CIG Home is the home safety and security insurance plan designed to protect your lifestyle.

We are here to protect you and your family and make sure you can rebuild your life after a loss – rebuild/repair your home, replace your valuables, or provide a defense if you are sued.

A CIG Insurance Advisor can take the mystery out of buying homeowners insurance. We offer customized coverage that protects your investment in your home and personal property and provides for personal liability in case someone is injured in your home or your property is damaged at home or while away. CIG also offers extended coverage to provide you with additional financial protection for other types of loss, damage, and liability.

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CIG Homeowners Coverage Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage

CIG Homeowners Programs

  • Homeowners Special Program
  • Homeowners Renters Program
  • Homeowners Condominium Unit Owner Program

Customized Protection for You and Your Home

  • Dwelling protection customized to meet the estimated rebuilding cost of your home*
  • ThinkTwice Extended Replacement Cost protection in the event of a total loss that exceeds the limit of coverage on your home
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost protection in the event your property is damaged or destroyed
  • Additional Living Expense coverage in the event your home is damaged and not habitable for a time
  • Key and Lock Replacement after a covered loss
  • Spoilage of Refrigerated Products after a covered loss
  • Worldwide Personal liability coverage
  • Medical coverage for injured guests, regardless of fault
  • Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement and Unlimited Fraud Prevention and Resolution Assistance
  • Personal Injury liability coverage (such as libel or slander)
*The replacement cost for your home is developed as a result of a collaborative effort between you, your agent, and CIG.

Optional Property and Liability Protection

  • CIG Secure Choice with added protection for business property, sewer and drain backup, and special property coverage.
  • Home appliance and electronics breakdown
  • Ordinance or Law protection after a covered loss in the event local, state, or federal building codes change
  • Individual protection for valuable personal property that may not be fully protected by the basic policy, including:
  1. Wedding rings or other valuable jewelry
  2. Firearms
  3. Bicycles, golf clubs, and other sports equipment
  4. Lawn tractors
  5. Golf carts; and more…
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Accidental Death and Mortgage protection
  • Liability protection for your secondary home or one- to four-family rental property
  • Liability protection for home offices and certain incidental business on your property
  • Home Farm liability coverage
  • Home-Based Business liability coverage (available only in CA and OR)
  • Workers compensation for resident household employees (available only in CA)

Customized Savings and Discounts

  • CIG Home+Auto™ multi-policy discount if you insure both your personal
    auto(s) and home with CIG
  • Loss Free discounts (available only for new clients)
  • Renewal discounts to recognize your continued trust in CIG
  • Home Security discounts if your home is protected by a central alarm or sprinkler system
  • Century Age credit if the insured is age 50 or older or if joint insureds have combined ages of 100 or more
  • Insurance Credit Score discounts (available only in OR and WA; no surcharge for less-than-perfect credit)
  • New home discount
  • Non-Combustible Roofing credit, if your roofing material is made with tile, slate, or other non-combustible material

Additional Benefits and Services

  • CIG On-the-Spot Response
  • FastTrack Processing™ of claims

CIG ThinkTwice Coverage™ 200% of Replacement Cost

Does your current homeowners insurance policy provide the right coverage if disaster strikes? It may not. Think about this: The coverage amount you selected for your home won’t be enough to rebuild a comparable home, under certain circumstances. This means the 100, 125, or 150% extended replacement cost options provided by other insurance providers may fall hundreds of thousands of dollars short of what you need to rebuild or replace. This is important to you because you’ll have to pay the difference.

Read more about ThinkTwice Coverage™


Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown Coverage

Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown Coverage* gives you the extended coverage option to insure your appliances, such as your refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, and more in the event one or more of these breaks down. You’ll be covered for mechanical or electronic breakdown and be protected from costly out-of-pocket expenses for labor, parts, and loss of use. All this for less than $3 a month when you add the Home Appliance and Electronics Breakdown coverage to your CIG Home policy!

Learn more about this valuable coverage from your CIG Insurance Advisor.

*Not available to renters or condo unit owners at this time. Breakdown coverage includes all mechanical, electrical, or pressure equipment, appliances, or systems covered for other risks in your CIG Home policy. Appliances or electronics that no longer work or no longer work as they should due to wear and tear are not covered.

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Learn more about Home Appliance Coverage

CIG Bonus Benefits

Identity (ID) Fraud Expense Reimbursement is automatically included in your CIG Home policy, at no additional cost to you. The coverage provides ID Fraud Expense Reimbursement to cover attorney fees and other expenses associated with ID theft as well as unlimited fraud resolution and prevention assistance. You’ll receive round-the-clock access to CIG’s ID Fraud Resolution Helpline.

CIG FastTrack Processing™ and CIG On-the-Spot Claim Service is second to none in the insurance industry. CIG’s field claims adjusters handle your claim quickly and fairly, often issuing checks right on the spot. The CIG 24/7 Claims Reporting Center gets an A+ from clients — 95% consistently say they are pleased with the quality of service and speed of response.

The Protector Network® is a complementary membership benefit for CIG policy clients. This online resource provides valuable safety and security tips, news, articles, and exclusive, members-only brand partner discounts on products and services, including legal advice, identity monitoring, and tax preparation.

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Coverage descriptions are for illustrative purposes and are intended solely to provide a general overview of potential coverage. Information included does not represent a contract or any other obligation. Only an insurance policy can define actual terms, conditions, rates, and exclusions. Please consult your CIG Insurance Advisor for complete details. Coverage is available from CIG for Homeowners, Renters, Condo Owners, and your personal automobiles in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Types of policies and coverage may vary from state to state.