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Keep Your Golf Club and Course Insurance on Par

Tee Up Your Coverage Plan with CIG

CIG knows that running a golf course is a lot more complicated than just keeping the fairways green. CIG Golf Insurance Solution™ offers golf club owners and managers a custom-designed risk and liability golf course program.

Our expert Insurance Agents can create a plan that protects your unique exposures. This includes coverage for property damage or loss that could potentially shut down your course, as well as coverage to restore your clubhouse, fitness center, and tennis courts to working condition again.

Coverage highlights:

  • Clubhouse and Other Structures
  • Mowers and Maintenance Equipment
  • Sprinkler and Drainage Systems
  • Tractors
  • Golf Carts
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Registers and Computer Equipment
  • Employee Liability
  • Customer Liability
  • Fires, Floods, and Other Disasters

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To inquire about CIG Golf Insurance Solution™, please contact CIG’s Golf Program Manager.


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