Commercial Excess Liability

Business risk management

In business as in life, no one wants to think about what might happen if suddenly you’re dealing with an event that puts your business on hold. If you’re without the right kind of protection, your life savings and hard work could be devastated. As carefully as you run your business, it’s impossible to anticipate every possible risk, which is why you need to plan for a worst-case scenario and have the right coverage in place.

A CIG Excess Liability Insurance policy can provide you with the excess liability protection you need to save yourself from financial catastrophe. In today’s litigious environment, few successful businesses can afford to be without this safety net. You may face a host of liability exposures brought on by your business relationships with third parties, contracts, issues relating to your products or facilities, vehicular liabilities, and lawsuits by employees, customers, or competitors. With a CIG Excess Liability policy, you will be covered for physical and economic loss and the cost of legal penalties should a case go against you.

Talk with a CIG Insurance Agent about Excess Liability Insurance coverage and build a Risk Management Security Plan that will keep your business safe.


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