HOA Insurance

HOA Insurance


Getting Everyone on Your Board
to Agree Is Challenging

When It Comes to HOA Insurance, CIG is a Crowd Pleaser

Managing a homeowners association (HOA) is never easy. One thing most HOA boards agree on is having good insurance protection for their property and liability risks. The governance of your residential complex is similar to running a small town – you’re responsible for the safety and security of common-use areas, as well as for managing the budget and maintenance.

CIG will work with your HOA board to customize a policy that fits your community’s needs. Our speedy On-the-Spot™ Response and FastTrack Processing™ of claims can make a big difference in rectifying damage or loss before residents become frustrated or upset. Our risk management assistance can also help owner-residents participate in safety and security planning and prevention.

CIG Homeowners Association (HOA) Business Owners Policy (BOP) covers:

  • Housing complexes and associations
  • Residential complexes
  • Multi-building managed housing developments (PUDs) and associations

Types of Coverage:

Building – covers structure and property including fixtures, flooring, and cabinets, as well as any auxiliary structures a Residential Community Association would have, such as signs, fencing, garage(s), pool, and/or clubhouse

Comprehensive General Liability – protects against legal liability caused by bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury to others

Building Ordinance and Law – covers the loss of value and increased cost due to the enforcement of municipal laws or ordinances regulating the construction or repair of damaged buildings caused by an insured loss

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