Vineyard and Winery Insurance

Vineyard and Winery Insurance


Every Wine Has Its Unique Characteristics

Protect Your Winery or Vineyard with Individualized Coverage

Planning for the safety and security of your vineyard or winery operation starts with the right property or liability insurance. Though you can’t completely eliminate the risk of accidents, theft, disasters, and other potential losses, you can protect yourself so you can rebound quickly if something does happen.

Protecting your property and operation requires an insurance advisor capable of understanding your challenges, risks, and investments. CIG Insurance Agents are independent agents with more on their mind than just selling you a policy. They have the knowledge to analyze your particular exposure and tailor a plan to your needs. They recommend CIG Vineyard and Winery Insurance Solutions because they share your total commitment to continuing safety, security, and the resilience of your business. Whether you are a California winery or a Washington winery, CIG can insure you. Call the nearest CIG Independent Agent.

Vineyard and Winery coverage includes:

  • Winery Property
  • Winery Tasting Room
  • Brand and Labels
  • Transit Coverage
  • Shipping Recovery F.O.B.
  • Computer Equipment and Data Recovery
  • Water Damage due to Backup or Overflow
  • Outdoor Furniture/Fixtures
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Exterior Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge



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