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CIG Growing Business Farm Insurance protects your property and production of vegetables, fruit, and flowers


Protect the Fruits of Your Growers’ Business

Insure What You Grow as Well as the Farm and Yourself

If you run a family farm or a community enterprise, the produce you grow on your acreage — vegetables, fruit, or grains — is your livelihood. You know what it takes to bring in a good harvest. What you can’t control is the unexpected. What happens to your farm and your crop if there is a storm, or if someone is injured on your property and you are liable? That’s when having a CIG Insurance Agent can make a big difference. With a solid safety and insurance plan, you can rest assured that your farm and your family are protected from property and liability risks.

Type of grower businesses covered:

  • Orchards
  • Nurseries
  • Organic Farms
  • Row and Field Crops
  • Vineyards

A CIG Insurance Advisor can assist you in creating an AgBusiness Plan for managing your risks. Ask for a customized insurance policy to cover your particular exposures.

Options include:

  • Farm Property
  • Vehicles and Equipment
  • Liability and Excess Liability
  • Product Losses in Transit


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