Cut Your Energy Costs

by CIG January 09, 2019 Infographics

Find out what you need to do to cut your energy costs by following these 6 easy tips from our

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child car seat safety

Winter coats and kids in car seats don’t mix!

by CIG January 08, 2019 Auto Safety & Tips, Blog

Tips to keep kids warm and safe when traveling in the car. Baby, it’s cold outside! Depending on where you

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Why you should consider adding your new jewelry to your homeowners insurance

by CIG December 21, 2018 Blog, Home Safety & Tips

Find out why and how to add your new gift to your insurance policy. Did you get engaged or receive

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big ticket gifts from santa

Do Your Holiday Presents Need Insurance?

by CIG December 06, 2018 Blog, Home Safety & Tips

Follow these steps to insure your holiday gifts The holidays are a festive time for gathering with family and friends

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Holiday Decorating Safety

by CIG December 06, 2018 Infographics

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restaurant inspection

Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist

by CIG December 06, 2018 Blog, Business Safety & Tips

Follow this safety checklist before your next restaurant inspection If you own or operate a restaurant, health inspections can be

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christmas decorating tips

Holiday Decorating Safety: 3 Common Injuries and How to Avoid Them

by CIG November 27, 2018 Blog, Home Safety & Tips

Stay safe and enjoy the festive season with these tips Winter is the season for festive gatherings, family traditions, and

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animal collision

5 Tips to Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions

by CIG November 14, 2018 Auto Safety & Tips, Blog

With animal-vehicle collision claims on the rise, stay safe and follow these best practices Throughout the year, thousands of animal-vehicle

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beware of vendor fraud

4 Ways to Avoid Vendor Fraud

by CIG November 01, 2018 Blog, Home Safety & Tips

How to Find and Hire the Best Contractor for Your Home or Business and Avoid Vendor Fraud If you’re in the

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CIG insurance 3 fraud tips

3 Things to Know About Insurance Fraud

by CIG October 10, 2018 Blog, Home Safety & Tips

Here in the United States insurance fraud is a very serious crime. From staging car accidents to exaggerating losses, fraudsters

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