Catastrophic Claims

Catastrophic Claims

When our communities are hit by severe weather or disasters, CIG’s Catastrophe Claims Team will be there to quickly help. Our team responds to weather-related emergencies such as earthquakes, wildfires, or floods that effect CIG policyholders.

Need to File a Claim?

Call 800-986-9974. Our Claims Service Center is available 24/7.

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Claims Process

Filing a Claim

    • Initiate a claim by calling our Claims Service Center at 800-986-9974.
    • We’ll review your policy with you to ensure you know what’s covered.
    • To protect your home from further damage, we will locate emergency services and providers.
    • If you can’t live in your home, we’ll help you find temporary housing.
    • We’ll collect any photos that you may have of your lost items, taken both before and after the damage.

Assessing Damage

    • As soon as property access is allowed, an adjuster will schedule an appointment to begin assessing the damages.
    • Afterward, we’ll create an estimate which we will carefully walk you through.
    • We will work with your contractor to get a detailed list of necessary repairs and agreed costs.

Delivering Payment

    • Depending on the severity of damage, you may receive multiple payment installments.
    • We will ensure you understand what is covered under these payments as well as the process for submitting requests for any additional funds.
    • If you have a mortgage on your property, checks will include both your name and your lender’s name. Your lender will need to endorse checks so that the contractors can be paid.

Finalizing a Claim

    • We’ll review receipts and repairs to help you obtain the recoverable depreciation.
    • Along the way, your CIG adjuster will answer any additional questions you may have as we work to restore your way of life.

Customer Stories

Our quick response has allowed us to get our policyholders back to normal. Read about how these families rebuilt and got back enjoying their lives.


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