Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist

Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist

by CIG December 06, 2018
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Follow this safety checklist before your next restaurant inspection

If you own or operate a restaurant, health inspections can be an intimidating and stressful experience. Health inspections are held routinely to ensure business practices and food operations are performed safely, to protect customers and the greater public. Inspections follow state and local regulations, outlined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and local health departments. To learn more about the regulations in your area, contact the FDA.

Here at Capital Insurance Group, our CIG Restaurant and Food Services Insurance is the restaurant safety and security plan designed to protect your business. We are here to protect you and your staff and make sure you can rebuild after a loss. In the United States, health inspections are conducted up to four times per year, so it’s important that your restaurant is always ready. Keeping your coverage in mind, here is a quick checklist to prevent common missteps, and prepare for your next inspection:


  • Interior trash containers: emptied daily to the exterior dumpster at closing  
  • Filters and hood: cleaned on a weekly basis
  • Plenum duct: cleaned by a professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning service quarterly
  • Fire suppression system: serviced semi-annually
  • Filters should be baffle type
  • Wet chemical fire extinguisher: hung in a visible and accessible location within the kitchen
  • Fryer next to an open flame: install a metal baffle plate between the fryer and open flame unit
  • Light bulbs in the hood and ceiling: equipped with protective covers


Food Storage

  • All foods: kept covered when not attended
  • Refrigeration units: no more than 40 degrees
  • Freezer units: always remain steady at 0 degrees or less
  • Door seals on walk-in units: inspected for damage, cracks, or wear and tear
  • Light bulbs in the walk-in units: equipped with moisture-proof fittings
  • Compressors: maintained on a regular basis



  • Business license and Liquor license: posted in visible and accessible locations (if applicable)
  • Hand-washing signs: must be displayed within each restroom
  • Sweep logs: must be maintained and updated daily, displayed within each restroom


While you follow these practices, take it one step further and review your business insurance policy on a seasonal basis. Review your coverage to ensure you are properly covered in the event of a loss or closure. To learn more, contact your Capital Insurance Group Independent Agent. Not insured with us? To get started, visit


Download a restaurant inspection checklist here!



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