CIG Claim to Fame Stories


CIG Claim to Fame Story: Mayacama Golf Club

2017 Saw some of the worst fires ever in Sonoma County. The Mayacam Golf Club was not alone in reported losses, but CIG was there to help them rebuild.

CIG Claim to Fame Story: Karen Foote

A fast-moving fire destroyed Karen Foote’s home, three cars, and all her belongings. Hear how relieved Karen was to have a policy that covered her when she needed it most.

CIG Claim to Fame Story: The Porter Family

The Porters celebrated the birth of triplets in the morning and their house burned down that night. See how CIG helped these homeowners get through this difficult time and put the pieces back together.

CIG Claim to Fame Story: Tracy Barnes Priestley

When a freak accident set off a chain of events that seriously damaged a building listed on the historical register, CIG came to the rescue of business owner Tracey Barnes Priestley.

CIG Claim To Fame Story: Calistoga Inn

We’re proud to introduce Claim To Fame, a series of inspiring policyholder stories. In our first video, watch how after a fire destroyed the popular Calistoga Inn, CIG helped owner Michael Dunsford get back to business.

CIG Claim to Fame Story: The Guske Family

When a fire destroyed the Guske Family home in Redding, California, Matt Guske and his family were able to rebuild with the help of CIG Insurance and local agent Scott Borg of Trophy West Insurance.

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